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Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Protecting clean athletes and promoting clean sport

What we do

Clean sport is our goal. We’re here to support everyone involved in New Zealand sport - the athletes, coaches, whānau and support personnel - by:
  • 'Education and advocacy' icon.

    Educating, supporting and advocating for clean athletes

  • 'Detecting and deterring dopers' icon.

    Deterring and detecting dopers; holding dopers to account

  • Sport engagement icon.

    Engaging with our wider sporting communities

Our transition to the new integrity Commission

The way integrity is protected in our sporting community is changing – and Drug Free Sport New Zealand is an integral part of that. From 1 July 2024, we’ll become part of a new, independent commission tasked with safeguarding the integrity of sport and recreation in New Zealand. Despite the change, it will be business as usual for anti-doping.

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Powerlifter gets two year ban for Ritalin

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand has banned a powerlifter from all sport for two years after a positive test for Ritalin.

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Sport. It's more fun when it's fair.

Sport is fun, but it's more fun when it's fair. That's why anti-doping rules apply to us all, not just the pros. Learn more about our nationwide clean sport campaign and find out how anti-doping rules affect you.

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