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More fun when it's fair

Guy tries to score a rugby touchdown hampered by a kid on his back and another hanging onto his ankle

Play the game

Sport. It's more fun when it's fair.

That's why sports have rules. And whether you're into rugby or race walking, those rules apply to you.

At Drug Free Sport New Zealand, we test the pros on the podium. But anti-doping rules apply to everyone - even if you only play socially.

We know performance enhancers might be tempting. Maybe your friends use them. Maybe it's not for sport at all, it's to lose weight or get shredded. The reason doesn't matter. If you play sport while using or buying banned substances, there can be serious consequences - including a ban from all sport for up to four years.

Be careful about what you put into your body - especially if you're buying substances online. Some substances aren't even approved for human use and can have real impact on your health! That's why it's important to know what’s in things.

Our advice is simple: Don't play with your health or reputation. Play the game!

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