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The consequences of doping

The consequences of doping

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The consequences of doping could spell the end of your sporting career, your reputation and your future prospects both in and out of sport.

The sanctions for an anti-doping violation can include:

  • disqualification of results at an event, including forfeiture of medals
  • a ban from all sport (competing, training or coaching) for up to four years or even life in repeat or the most serious cases
  • publication of your anti-doping rule violation
  • financial penalties.

Further to these sanctions, an athlete who has been found guilty of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation is often exposed to a level of media attention that can result in permanent damage to their reputation.  This can mean stories on the TV news, in newspapers, on social media such as Facebook and Twitter which, in cases of deliberate cheating, could lead to you being the subject of public contempt.

Doping rule violations can place pressure not just on you but others close to you, friends, partners and whānau. It is these consequences which are frequently the most difficult for athletes to deal with.

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An athlete's perspective

Rugby player Rhys Pedersen describes the difficult experience of telling his whānau, coach and friends when he was notified that he had broken the Sports Anti-Doping Rules.