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User Pays

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We provide sample collection services on a user-pays/contract basis for national sport organisations and anti-doping organisations such as international federations, major event organisations and other countries’ national anti-doping organisations. These drug testing services include the collection of urine and/or blood samples, out-of-competition or in-competition.

With more than 20 years of experience in anti-doping, DFSNZ has a well-established network of accredited doping control officers located around the country with broad experience in doping control, including at major international events. Our sample collection processes are fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.   

Clients we have worked with include:

  • Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • World Rugby
  • Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH)
  • World Triathlon Corporation (WTC)
  • International Triathlon Union (ITU)
  • Sports Integrity Australia (SIA)
  • United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

For more information about sample collection or to request a quote, get in touch.

User Pays Fund

Our User Pays Fund supports NSOs and athletes with testing costs.

We’re committed to leading a culture of clean sport in Aotearoa New Zealand. Supporting NSOs in their pursuit of clean sport is part of that.

When NSOs host international competitions in New Zealand, the sport’s International Federation often requires anti-doping samples to be collected and analysed as part of the contractual obligations for holding the competition. We carry out this work on behalf of the NSO and, as the work is in addition to our normal testing programme, we try to recover our costs from the NSO. We don’t seek to make a profit on user pays testing.

It’s a similar situation when a Kiwi athlete decides to make a world record attempt while still in New Zealand: to be verified by an International Federation, an anti-doping test is often required to support the integrity of the attempt. Again, we carry out the sample collection and testing on behalf of the athlete and try to recover our costs from them.

We recognise that these costs can be a financial burden on NSOs and athletes. For that reason, we’re piloting a fund that helps NSOs and athletes who are required to use DFNSZ’s sample collection and testing services.

Read our eligibility requirements and find out how to make an application below.

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