Recreational drugs

Don't risk it

Hands Holding a Suspicious Package

Testing positive for a recreational drug can result in a ban from all sport.

Recreational drugs are banned in sport during competition and if you use them, you’re taking a risk. If you’re tested and something like cannabis is found in your system, you could face serious sanctions.

The only way to 100% avoid a positive test is by not using.

What you need to know about recreational drugs:

  • They are potentially harmful to your health and their use violates the spirit of sport.
  • Cannabis and all its synthetic forms are prohibited in-competition.
  • Other recreational drugs including cocaine, BZP, and amphetamines are prohibited in-competition.
  • Cannabis and other drugs can be stored in the body for an extended period.
  • Passive inhalation of cannabis or other drugs is unlikely to result in a positive test, but you should avoid situations where this might occur.

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Cannabis in sport