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Clean Sport Values Youth Education Programme (YEP)

Clean Sport Values? YEP!

Clean Sport Values Youth Education Programme.

The Clean Sport Values Youth Education Programme (YEP) empowers youth athletes to make good decisions throughout their sporting endeavours. How? Through four engaging lessons that instil positive values and clean sport tikanga early in an athlete’s pathway.

The YEP takes rangatahi in schools and sports clubs on a values-based journey through clean sport in Aotearoa New Zealand. It supports learners to explore and develop their ability to self-manage, make healthy decisions, and familiarise themselves with the rights and responsibilities of clean athletes. It promotes the wellbeing concepts of Te Whare Tapa Whā and fits within New Zealand’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Our online YEP lessons are available in English and te reo Māori.

Youth athletes will explore key values like respect, fair play and equality, and discover how these link to clean sport tikanga. They’ll develop life skills, including healthy decision-making and self-discipline, that have a positive impact on their well-being and lay the groundwork for positive behaviours in the future. All this through engaging, interactive lessons that include an in-person or virtual workshop with a current or former New Zealand athlete. Find out more about our educators at Meet our educators.

The best part? The YEP is FREE for all schools, sports clubs and anyone who works with youth athletes in New Zealand.

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To kick off the YEP with your classroom or sports club, you first need to book Lesson 1 (the Intro to Sporting Values workshop or webinar).

When we organise Lesson 1, we’ll send you all the details that you and your athletes need to access Lessons 2-4 online.

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