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Our organisation

Vision + mission

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Clean athletes. Clean sport.

We’re here to support everyone involved in New Zealand sport; the athletes, coaches, whānau and support personnel; and to achieve our vision of clean athletes and clean sport. We do this by:

  • Educating, supporting and advocating for clean athletes;
  • Deterring and detecting doping; holding dopers to account;
  • Engaging with our wider sporting communities.

Find out more about our organisational strategy by reading our Strategic Plan 2020-24.

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About us

Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) is the organisation responsible for keeping sport clean in New Zealand, and free from doping. We work across New Zealand’s sporting community to protect clean athletes and promote clean sport.

DFSNZ is a crown entity established under the New Zealand Sports and Drug Agency Act 1994. This was replaced by the Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006. The act charges DFSNZ with the responsibility to implement and apply the World Anti-Doping Code in New Zealand. Funded by the New Zealand Government, DFSNZ is accountable to the Minister for Sport and Recreation and the New Zealand Government.