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Our mahi

Clean athletes. Clean sport.

A football team do stretches on the pitch.

Our mahi aims to achieve our vision - Clean athletes. Clean sport. - and our mission by focusing our resources on five strategic areas:

  • Education: We share knowledge and information so that athletes, coaches, supporters and everyone in the sporting community understands the rules to complete cleanly in sport. Learn more about Education.
  • Engagement: We cultivate relationships with athletes, coaches, communities and our stakeholders to inform, inspire and support an environment of clean sport in New Zealand.
  • Intelligence and investigations: We encourage a culture in sport where everyone has the confidence to raise concerns about doping and where speaking out is championed. Learn about Speak Out.
  • Advocacy: We assist clean Kiwi athletes by continuously advocating for high and consistent standards in anti-doping worldwide. We work with our peers in other national anti-doping organisations and also with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure that international athletes are held to the same high ethical standards as our Kiwi athletes. 
  • Testing: We test hundreds of athletes based in New Zealand and overseas every year. We also carry out testing on behalf of other anti-doping organisations. Learn about testing.

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