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Check it before you take it

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Even common medications can contain ingredients that are banned in sport.

As an athlete, you train hard. Sometimes you may get injured or sick, or you may need to take regular medication for an ongoing condition such as asthma or diabetes. Whatever the situation, it's important to be aware of what you're taking. As an athlete, you're 100% responsible for anything found in your sample. Accidentally taking a medication that's banned in sport could lead to a sanction.

Global DRO is an easy way to check the status of your medication against the WADA Prohibited List. Use this easy online tool to check every medication before you take it.

Medication to-do list

  • Check all medications before you take them on Global DRO (See Using Global DRO).
  • If you consult a doctor, tell them you're an athlete who is subject to drug testing.
  • If a medication you need is banned in sport, check if you're eligible for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).
  • Find info on common medications (e.g. asthma inhalers, cold and flu treatments or pain medication) on our Common medications page.
  • Note that tramadol is now banned in-competition.

Your health comes first. In an emergency, always get the treatment you need. 

Check medications on Global DRO

How to check medications

Follow this video to find out how to check your medications using Global DRO.

Using Global DRO

Logo: Text reads Global DRO on drawing of medicine bottle

Medication Wallet Guide

Our Wallet Guide is a helpful reminder of rules around common medications and other clean sport information. Download it today, or request a hard copy from us at Resources.

A Paralympian's advice

Wheel Blacks Paralympian and DFSNZ Board Member Dan Buckingham offers his advice to athletes.

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