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Protecting clean athletes and promoting clean sport

What we do

Clean sport is our goal. We’re here to support everyone involved in New Zealand sport - the athletes, coaches, whānau and support personnel - by:
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    Educating, supporting and advocating for clean athletes

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    Deterring and detecting dopers; holding dopers to account

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    Engaging with our wider sporting communities

Adam Hall: Paralympic experiences and the Para voice

We chatted with Paralympic legend and DFSNZ Athlete Commission founding member Adam Hall about his Paralympic experiences and the value of the Para voice in sport.

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Dan Buckingham joins Drug Free Sport New Zealand Board

Paralympian Dan Buckingham joins the Drug Free Sport New Zealand Board for a term of five years from 5 April 2022.

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2022 e-learning

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate anti-doping rules and processes. Our e-learning courses have been revamped for 2022 and there's something for everyone, from weekend warriors to those supporting elite athletes.

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Sports Anti-Doping Rules

If you play sport or support athletes, the Sports Anti-Doping Rules apply to you. There are 11 ways to break them and receive a ban from all sport - do you know what they are? Find out now to to keep yourself and your team on the right track.

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