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Our transition to the new integrity Commission

18 Mar 2024

What NZ athletes need to know

DFSNZ journey to integrity

The way integrity is protected in our sporting community is changing – and Drug Free Sport New Zealand is an integral part of that.  

From 1 July 2024, we’ll become part of a new, independent commission tasked with safeguarding the integrity of sport and recreation in New Zealand. 

But what does this mean for you, the athletes? And what does it mean for anti-doping? Let's break it down. 

Anti-doping: business as usual 

For anti-doping, it’s business as usual. While the wider integrity landscape may be changing, New Zealand’s anti-doping programme stays the same. You’ll be working with the same people and – more importantly – will be protected by the same gold-standard anti-doping programme as always. 

New entity; new look 

From 1 July 2024, anti-doping becomes the responsibility of the new Commission – and we’re excited for what that means! You’ll see new branding, new social media accounts and a new website that will offer all the anti-doping information, services and resources you already use. And don’t worry, the links you currently have saved will continue to bring you to the information you need. 

Interested in the process

This isn’t the first time an anti-doping organisation has been through this type of change. Our friends from across the ditch made the transition in 2020 from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority to Sport Integrity Australia (SIA). Later this month, they’ll be sharing the story of their own integrity journey on our blog. 

We’ll keep you updated 

Remember: nothing changes until 1 July – and we’ll keep you updated throughout the transition. 

Addressing integrity concerns 

So why does New Zealand need this new commission? You may remember over the past few years some troubling stories about integrity issues within our sport and recreation sector. These issues prompted the Government to undertake a review, and it decided that we must do better. 

The public supports that conclusion. Research shows that many people involved in sport and recreation are worried about integrity issues and believe it’s time to take action. 

That’s where the Commission comes in with a singular mission: to enhance integrity at all levels of sport and recreation in New Zealand.  

The Commission’s role – and yours 

The Commission’s role will be multifaceted – because threats to integrity in sport and recreation are multi-faceted. Those threats include: 

  • doping 
  • bullying and harassment 
  • sexual misconduct 
  • racism and discrimination 
  • corruption and fraud 
  • match-fixing 

The Commission will manage NZ’s anti-doping programme, protect participants in sport and recreation, and respond to things like match-fixing, fraud and corruption.  

It will establish an Integrity Code, setting and monitoring standards while providing education, training, and guidance to sport and active recreation organisations. 

It will offer a complaints and resolution service to make sure that any concerns raised are addressed independently and fairly. The Commission may also establish an independent disciplinary panel which will be able to determine whether an integrity code has been breached and any sanctions to be imposed.

It will also support participants to protect their sport and recreation activities, because we all have a role to play in upholding integrity. The Commission will help you to create environments where everyone can participate safely, can be respected, be trusted to behave with integrity and have confidence that if anything goes wrong, they will be taken seriously and supported. 

Stay informed 

The transition to the new Commission marks an exciting step within New Zealand’s sport and recreation landscape, and we’re looking forward to bringing you on the journey with us. 

Remember, nothing changes until 1 July – and we’re committed to keeping you updated throughout the transition. You can check our website for updates or sign up to our newsletter. 

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