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Rugby League player sanctioned for cocaine use

21 Dec 2023

Rugby League player sanctioned for cocaine use

Metal scales representing justice.

The Sports Tribunal has sanctioned Rugby League athlete Evaan Reihana for three months after he tested positive for cocaine after a New Zealand Rugby League Premiership match in October 2023. 

Mr Reihana attributed his positive test to recreational use of cocaine the night before the game to cope with some distressing personal news. Drug Free Sport New Zealand accepted that the cocaine was taken out-of-competition and was not intended to give Mr Reihana a sporting advantage. 

Cocaine is prohibited in sport under the Substances of Abuse category. Rules under this category acknowledge that some substances are abused outside of sport and allow athletes to serve a reduced ban where the substance was used out of competition, and the use was not related to sporting performance. 

Mr Reihana‚Äôs three-month sanction will end in March 2024. 

Read the Sports Tribunal decision.