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'More fun when it's fair' campaign for clean sport

14 Aug 2023

Sport. It's more fun when it's fair

A man struggles to score a rugby try as a kid clings to his neck

Drug Free Sport New Zealand, the country’s national anti-doping agency, is today kicking off a campaign to celebrate clean sport and highlight that, while sport is fun, it’s more fun when it’s fair.

“Nobody, whatever level they play at, wants to lose a sporting competition to someone who had an unfair advantage - whether or not it was intentional” said DFSNZ Chief Executive Nick Paterson.

“Anti-doping rules help keep sport fair and protect the health of those who participate. Most sports in New Zealand are signed up to the Sports Anti-Doping Rules, and those rules apply to every member of those sports, not just the pros.”

The campaign, which will run until February, aims to ensure that regular New Zealanders aren’t caught out by anti-doing rules by mistake, but Mr Paterson is keen to point out that most people have nothing to worry about.

“Most New Zealanders are just out to have fun, play hard but fair, and enjoy their sport. That’s exactly what we want to see.

“But there’s a small number of people who are at risk of an anti-doping sanction. The big one is people buying substances online – often to bulk up or to lose weight – without realising that those substances are banned in sport. When those packages like that are intercepted, it can mean an anti-doping sanction and a ban from all sport.”

He also reassured New Zealanders that the DFSNZ testing team won’t suddenly be turning up to their weekend sporting competitions.

“This isn’t about testing people who take part in social sport. It’s about raising awareness that substances like steroids and SARMs [Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators] are banned in sport, and even if you aren’t getting tested, you can still be banned if you’re found to be buying, using or trafficking those substances.

“Ultimately, we want to see all New Zealanders enjoying sport that’s fun and fair, and without making avoidable mistakes.”

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