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Letter to New Zealand's Olympic athletes

4 Oct 2016

Letter sent to NZ Olympic athletes in September

You will all be aware that WADA's database – ADAMS, was hacked during the Rio Games.

Here is some information which may be helpful.
•    As far as we know, the hackers gained access to Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) records for athletes via an IOC entry point.
•    The information discovered has been released progressively over the past couple month.
•    Based on what has happened to date there is a chance that records for New Zealand athletes may also be released.
•    Only TUEs in ADAMS have been accessed and DFSNZ’s ‘SIMON’ database has not been touched. Therefore, only records which we were required to transfer to ADAMS are at risk.

DFSNZ has made public comment with two objectives:
a/ to deplore the actions of the hackers and 
b/ to reassure the public that TUE’s are an important and proper part of a good anti-doping system and that the system we have applied is robust and follows the necessary requirements. No athlete should be made to feel uncomfortable because they have needed a TUE.
It is important that the public understand that athletes also get sick and sustain injuries and the anti-doping rules should not prevent them being properly treated provided the treatment does not provide an advantage.

DFSNZ has no ability to control how this information is being released. We encourage you to contact us if you have any particular concerns or want further information.