Your part in clean sport

If you are competing at a high level  you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of anti-doping rules and what you must do to comply with these rules.

Athletes in high level competition are subject to drug testing with no advance notice, so you need to understand your obligations.

If you don’t understand the rules and follow them it could have devastating consequences for your career.  

Remember the central principle of anti-doping is that you are responsible for any prohibited substance found in your body, whether you intended to cheat or not.

As an elite athlete you need to know about:

  • the anti-doping rules
  • prohibited substances and methods in sport
  • logging your whereabouts for drug testing (if you are notified that you must do this)
  • the risks associated with supplements
  • the risks associated with recreational drugs, including cannabis
  • checking medications
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  • the drug testing process
  • the consequences of doping
  • managing risks when travelling abroad.

On these pages you will find information about all of these things.  Please take the time to make sure you're fully informed about what you need to do to ensure you follow the rules. 

For some tips on competing clean, check out this video from reformed doper and one-time Tour de France cyclist, Tyler Hamilton.