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We promote and encourage a culture of clean athletes and clean sport; one that respects the concept of a level playing field for all competitors and rewards performance achieved as a result of legitimate effort, skill and talent rather than drug use.

Our mahi ensures that the World Anti-Doping programme reflects the needs of New Zealand athletes. In order to do this, we connect with numerous sporting organisations, including:

  • the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
  • the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (INADO)
  • Sport New Zealand
  • High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC)
  • Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ)
  • National Sporting Organisations (NSO) representing more than 50 sports

If you have any ideas on how we can better represent the needs of New Zealand athletes in the anti-doping community, please contact us.