Good Clean Sport School Toolkit

Bring an interactive and award-winning clean sport education programme into your school with the Good Clean Sport School Toolkit. The Toolkit supports students and youth athletes on a journey through clean sport here in Aotearoa New Zealand through a face-to-face workshop with a current or former NZ athlete and innovative virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Over five free lessons, students develop knowledge and practical life skills relating to key topics in clean sport, from values and integrity to food-first nutrition. Students walk through a virtual reality doping control process; ‘experience’ the health effects of doping via augmented reality; discover the risks of supplement use; and develop their ability to self-manage and make healthy decisions.

Who it's for

The Good Clean Sport School Toolkit aligns with New Zealand’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum by incorporating Hauora, the Māori philosophy of wellbeing, from a sociological perspective focused on health promotion. It contains resources for Years 7-9 and Years 10-13, and the flexibility to appeal to a general student audience or target youth athletes specifically.

The Toolkit is FREE to all NZ intermediate and secondary schools.

How to access and organise

Five lessons make up the Toolkit: an initial values-based workshop or webinar delivered by a trained DFSNZ Athlete Educator (all of whom are current or former NZ athletes), and four additional lesson plans with resources designed for teachers to use in the classroom or as homework activities.

Teachers can opt to do as many or as few of these lessons as they like. Together, the lessons form a comprehensive programme for educating NZ students and youth athletes on values and integrity in sport, with a focus on health and life skills. But they are equally valuable as standalone sessions – the Good Clean Sport workshop in particular is an excellent introduction to clean sport in New Zealand and is often booked as a standalone session.

About the lessons

Lesson 1: Good Clean Sport workshop

This values-based webinar or in-person workshop is delivered by a DFSNZ Athlete Educator. It covers the principles and benefits of clean sport, personal and team values, liability and the consequences of cheating, the risks of supplement use and the benefits of a food first approach to nutrition.

The workshop is suitable for Years 7-13, and offers two options:

  • General: suitable for a general audience (our most popular option)
  • Pathway: suitable for youth athletes and students covering drugs in sport

Book the Good Clean Sport workshop.

Lesson 2: Understanding the health effects of doping

This lesson uses award-winning Augmented Reality (AR) technology to take students on a journey into the negative health effects of doping. This innovation won the Best Use of Technology in Learning award at LearnX Live! 2020.


  • Introduction to clean sport and making good choices featuring the Kiwi Ferns
  • Year 7-9: Health effects of Doping student worksheet for completion while using the Health Effects of Doping AR app; teacher’s answer sheet
  • Year 10-13: Prohibited substances small group research project and presentation

Lesson 3: Supplement risks and food first approaches to athlete nutrition

An increasing number of NZ adolescents are using supplements to enhance their sporting performance. This lesson takes a closer look at the risks of this behaviour and the benefits of a food-first approach to athlete nutrition.


  • Intro to supplement use in NZ featuring track and field athlete Eliza Macartney
  • Year 7-9: Supplement decision-making guide and worksheet
  • Year 10-13: Supplement Risk Education for Youth (e-learning module)

Lesson 4: The testing process

This lesson uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to enable students to virtually experience an athlete drug test first-hand. It is a fun and informative way to introduce young athletes to the doping control process.


  • Intro to the doping control process for athletes featuring Dame Valerie Adams
  • Year 7-13: VR doping control experience and worksheet

Lesson 5: Clean Sport 101

This online module introduces students to clean sport, the anti-doping rules and the rights and responsibilities of aspiring athletes. Clean Sport 101 won the LearnX award for Best Free eLearning Resource in 2020. This module is suitable for Years 7-13


  • Clean Sport 101 e-learning module

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