We have four e-Learning courses to ensure as many athletes, coaches and support personnel as possible can access anti-doping education. 

These courses enable athletes and support personnel to access a range of modules about the anti-doping rules and the risks of doping from anywhere in the world at any time. Each course is designed to suit varied extents of existing knowledge among a wider range of athletes and support personnel that ever before. Users can access these courses any time to learn at their own pace about their responsibilities to clean sport and the risks associated with doping. Each course includes a range of videos, images and links to essential services such as our online medication checking tool and social media channels.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games e-learning course offers Games specific anti-doping information that athletes and support personnel need to know. It includes details around doping control, TUEs and Whereabouts.

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This e-Learning course has been developed for club level, age group, aspiring athletes and students who compete in sport and have not received anti-doping education before.  The course only takes 15 minutes to complete.

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The seven module Level One course covers essential areas of anti-doping including:

  • prohibited substances and methods
  • checking medications before use
  • the risks of supplement use and;
  • drug testing (including access to our Virtual Reality doping control experience).


Level Two is for athletes and support personnel who have previously completed the Level One course, or who have attended one of our face-to-face workshops. Level Two recaps key anti-doping messages and provides updates on need-to-know information.

This course is primarily designed for those who compete or coach at national or international levels.


This programme provides practical ideas for support personnel and coaches to create clean sporting environments in which to support their athletes. This course also informs users of the anti-doping rules that apply directly to them!

We recommend all coaches, managers and parents complete the Support Personnel e-Learning programme in addition to the Level 1 or 2 course.

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If you have any issues or questions on these courses please contact us at education@drugfreesport.org.nz