About Doping in sport

Doping in sport is an important global issue for all athletes and their families, coaches, managers, sports organisations, and sports fans.

Athletes who dope to enhance their performance and gain an advantage over their fellow competitors are cheats.   

They devalue the honest efforts of clean athletes; deny others the ability to compete on a level playing field; fail to compete in the true spirit of sport; and undermine the integrity of competitive sport. 

Drug Free Sport NZ works to ensure that athletes compete in a drug free environment.  The aim is to ensure that our athletes achieve as a result of hard-work, skill and talent. 

Many of this country’s elite athletes have offered their support to Drug Free Sport NZ’s education and outreach initiatives.  In doing so, they validate a culture of clean sport and become role models for aspiring athletes to be drug-free. 

While much of our work is about catching cheats, we also focus on working with athletes and their support personnel to help them understand the importance of clean sport and their role in it

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