The role of National Sports Organisations in clean sport

NSOs are a lynchpin in helping to create a culture of clean sport in New Zealand.

Drug Free Sport NZ works with NSOs in a variety of ways, from supporting anti-doping education programmes to planning and delivering the drug testing programme.

NSOs that adopt New Zealand’s Sports Anti-Doping Rules send a clear message to their members that they value clean sport and reject a culture of cheating through drug use.

Under the World Anti-Doping Code 2015, NSOs also have clear responsibilities to promote and advance anti-doping.

Here are our top tips on what NSOs can do to promote anti-doping in sport:

Governance and organisation:

  • formally adopt New Zealand Sports Anti-Doping Rules
  • ensure support personnel are bound by the rules
  • appoint a staff member to be responsible for anti-doping activities
  • introduce systems which make it easy for members to report doping activity in confidence
  • liaise with Drug Free Sport NZ to plan and implement testing programmes at major events
  • cooperate with any Drug Free Sport NZ investigation.

Education and information:

  • promote and provide anti-doping education to members, including coaches and support personnel
  • distribute anti-doping resources and information provided by Drug Free Sport NZ to all members
  • have anti-doping information available on your website
  • show leadership in the area of anti-doping by clearly demonstrating your opposition to cheating through drug use.

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