Anti-doping education

National Sports Organisation are obliged to assist in providing anti-doping education to their members including athletes, athlete support personnel and medical professionals.

Education is the best way to prevent doping from occurring because it furnishes athletes with the knowledge and values to compete clean and helps them to understand the rules so they don’t accidentally break them.

Drug Free Sport NZ is here to help you do this. Some of the ways in which we can assist you educate your members are to:

  • develop an anti-doping education plan
  • provide face to face or on-line anti-doping seminars for athletes, coaches and support personnel
  • promote and complete clean sport E-Learning programmes; Level One, Level Two and Support Personnel
  • supply anti-doping resources
  • provide anti-doping information for use on your website and other channels.

While Drug Free Sport NZ can and will assist, National Sporting Organisations also have a responsibility to their athletes to be proactive partners in the education process.

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