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Second doping ban for NZ powerlifter

31 Jul 2023

Seven-year sanction for steroids

The Sports Tribunal of New Zealand has banned powerlifter Hinewai Hausman (nee Pouwhare-Anderson) from all sport for a second time after failing another anti-doping test before her first sanction had been completed. She has now been banned for a further seven years for the use and possession of four anabolic steroids, all of which are banned in sport at all times. 

Ms Hausman was initially tested in April 2019, returning a positive result for Clenbuterol, which resulted in a four-year ban. A tip-off later resulted in another test, in April 2023, before her ban had finished, which returned a positive result for four anabolic steroids: Drostanolone, Norandrosterone, Oxandrolone and Metenolone.   

Anabolic steroids mimic the effects of testosterone in the body. Athletes intending to cheat use steroids to gain muscle and strength regardless of the serious, even fatal, health consequences – which can include heart attacks and liver damage. 

Drug Free Sport New Zealand Chief Executive Nick Paterson expressed frustration at the athlete’s behaviour: 

“Ms Hausman’s attitude towards clean sport and the anti-doping rules is cavalier, disrespectful to other athletes, and undermines our sporting integrity. Doping denies clean Kiwi athletes the chance to excel on a level playing field, and part of our role is to bring dopers to account.” 

He went on to encourage community support in the fight to keep sport clean. 

“Speak Out is our programme for anyone to raise concerns about doping. We couldn’t do what we do without the support we get from athletes and athlete support personnel. Anyone in the sporting community can share doping concerns with us by phone, email or via our website. Every piece of information we receive helps to keep Kiwi sport free from doping.” 

Ms Hausman has now retired from powerlifting. 

Read the Sports Tribunal decision.