Athletes currently serving bans due to anti-doping offences

Below is a list of all New Zealand athletes currently serving bans due to cases taken by Drug Free Sport NZ.

Date of decision Name Sport Rule violation Substance Sanction Ban commenced Ban ends Decision
4-April-2017 Adam King Cricket Use and possession of prohibited substances Nandrolone, Testosterone, Tamoxifen, Anastrozole 2 years 1-May-2016  1-May-2018 Sports Tribunal of NZ
10-Nov-2016 Adam Jowsey Rugby Use and possession of a prohibited substance Clenbuterol 2 years 1-Feb-2016 1-Feb-2018 NZ Rugby Judiciary
4-May-2016 Andrew Burne Rugby Use, possession and trafficking prohibited substance Dianabol 6 years 23-Dec-2015 23-Dec-2021 NZ Rugby Judiciary
23-Mar-2016 Mark Spessot Cycling Presence of prohibited substances Prednisone and Terbutaline 2 years 19-Sept-2015 19-Sept-2017 Sports Tribunal of NZ
24-Jun-2015 Andrew Ciancio Weightlifting Six violations   8 years 4-Jun-2014 4-Jun-2022 Sports Tribunal of NZ


Daniel Milne Weightlifting Attempted trafficking in, and possession of, prohibited substances Steroids 6 years


1-Jan-2020 Sports Tribunal of NZ
1-Mar-2010 Vince Whare Rugby League Presence of a prohibited substance (third offence)



10 years

20-Oct-2009 20-Oct-2019 Sports Tribunal of NZ
31-Jan-2012 Rodney Newman Powerlifting Five violations   Lifetime ban 31-Jan-2012 Lifetime ban Sports Tribunal of NZ