The testing programme plays a crucial role in detecting and deterring drug use, with the aim of identifying cheats and protecting the rights of clean athletes to compete in sport that is free of doping. Our testing programme is focussed on the higher levels of sport, and those aspiring to that level, and involves the collection of blood and urine samples to determine whether athletes are clean. 

Drug Free Sport NZ conducts testing across more than 50 sports which have agreed to NZ's Sports Anti-Doping Rules

Our testing programme has five key elements:

  • maintaining a testing pool of athletes who provide regular and detailed information on their whereabouts so that they can be located for testing at any time 
  • collecting blood and urine samples for analysis at a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited laboratory 
  • the monitoring of selected biomarkers in athletes’ samples that may indirectly reveal the effects of doping (the Athlete Biological Passport programme) 
  • intelligence gathering and the investigation of potential anti-doping rule violations 
  • results management, which includes referring allegations of anti-doping rule violations to the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand (or other sports tribunals) for adjudication. 

Drug Free Sport NZ tests hundreds of athletes based in New Zealand and overseas every year as part of our programme.  We also carry out testing on behalf of other anti-doping organisations. 

Find out more about how the testing process works and the consequences for those who return positive tests. You can view a list of athletes currently serving bans here.