Drug Free Sport NZ is New Zealand’s national anti-doping organisation committed to protecting and promoting a culture of clean, drug-free sport.

To do this, we help athletes understand the importance of clean sport, educate them about their rights and responsibilities, and carry out a comprehensive testing programme.  

Drug Free Sport NZ implements New Zealand’s Sports Anti-Doping Rules which reflect those of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) World Anti-Doping Code.  

Drug Free Sport NZ has three key functions: 


  • We carry out a testing programme to detect and deter doping by New Zealand athletes
  • We monitor athlete’s samples for biomarkers of doping that may indirectly reveal the effects of performance enhancing drugs or methods 
  • We investigate reports of possible doping in sport and gather our own intelligence to identify possible drug use. 


  • We provide information, resources and education seminars to help athletes understand their rights and responsibilities to be clean
  • We strive to create a community of clean sportspeople who feel supported and encouraged to compete to the best of their ability and to remain drug-free
  • We undertake research projects to measure attitudes and behaviours to anti-doping in New Zealand sport and to measure the effectiveness of our programmes. 


  • We work to help create a culture of clean sport in New Zealand and to ensure international anti-doping rules reflect the needs or our athletes and sports organisations.