What happens if I don't file whereabouts information?

It is very important you file your whereabouts information by the correct deadline and update Drug Free Sport NZ with any changes to your whereabouts as soon as possible.  

Registered Testing Pool Athletes

Athletes assigned to the Registered Testing Pool who fail to provide correct whereabouts information could be found to have committed a whereabouts failure.

There are two types of whereabouts failures:

If you are a Registered Testing Pool athlete, failure to comply with the whereabouts requirements, without good reason, will result in a whereabouts failure or strike being recorded against your name.

Your National Sports Organisation, International Federation and WADA will be notified of any strike recorded against you.

If you commit three whereabouts failures in a 12-month period, this constitutes an anti-doping rule violation and if proven, you could be banned from all sport for a minimum of one and maximum of two years.

Whereabouts failures may be any combination of filing failures or missed tests and can be issued by either Drug Free Sport NZ or your International Federation.

National Testing Pool Athletes

If you are a National Testing Pool athlete, you will be issued with a warning letter if:

  • you fail to file your quarterly whereabouts information by the correct deadline
  • your whereabouts information is incomplete or incorrect
  • Drug Free Sport NZ is unable to locate you for testing after three separate attempts.

Three warning letters in within a 12-month period will result in you being reassigned to the Registered Testing Pool, where the whereabouts requirements are more demanding and the consequences for whereabouts failures are more severe.

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