New look for Drug Free Sport New Zealand

6 Jan 2015

Drug Free Sport NZ welcomed 2015 with a fresh new look in the form of an updated logo and website.

Drug Free Sport NZ welcomed 2015 with a fresh new look in the form of an updated logo and website.

The new logo aims to better reflect the values of Drug Free Sport NZ, while the revamped website aims to better meet the needs of athletes and others for anti-doping information.

Drug Free Sport NZ chief executive Graeme Steel says the new logo and website are an exciting step forward.

“Our new logo tells the story of Drug Free Sport NZ and visually embodies the principles of clean sport. We believe this new approach better represents who we are and what we aim to do.” he says.

Drug Free Sport NZ’s new logo features four key symbols:

The zero tolerance sign to represent detection and accountability and our zero tolerance for cheating in sport through drug use.
The equals sign to indicate integrity and fair play and a commitment to ensuring athletes compete on a level playing field. 
The torch to echo the Olympic torch and our pledge to be a leader in sport and to embody the true spirit of sport. 
The target to symbolise our focus and commitment to ensuring New Zealand sport is clean and drug free.  

Mr Steel hopes athletes like the more modern logo which is also designed to reflect the values they hold dear.

He says the new website will be a more effective resource for athletes, their support personnel, National Sports Organisations and others to get detailed information about clean sport.

“Our new website is a comprehensive resource offering a wealth of information on anti-doping in New Zealand.  We hope athletes and others will find it accessible, user-friendly and informative.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure if provides the kind of material athletes and their supporters need and want.  Of course, we’d love to improve it further, so please contact us and let us know what else you’d like to see on there,” he says.

The DCO log in can be found at the bottom right hand side of the website.