WADA urged to postpone decision regarding Russia

Wednesday - September 19th 2018

WADA urged to postpone decision regarding Russia; push for access to Moscow Lab data to ensure Kiwi athletes can have faith in international anti-doping system

Drug Free Sport New Zealand CEO Nick Paterson agrees with other International doping leaders that WADA should postpone its decision to reinstate the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA).  “Kiwi athletes are expected to keep to the letter of the law, which can be uncompromising at times.  They deserve to know that the rules are applied to everyone equally, no matter who you are, and that the system is robust.”  He says he feels an obligation to Kiwi athletes to hold other counties to account.  “My aim is to get international competitors tested and held to the same standards as often and with as much rigour as our Kiwi athletes.  We’re fighting as hard as we can to give Kiwi athletes and sports fans confidence in the world anti-doping system.”

Mr Paterson says “It may be that Russia’s acknowledgement of the Schmid Report on state-sponsored doping is as close as we’re going to get to an admission” of the extent of sports doping.  He stresses that “access to the Moscow Laboratory data and samples is critical to ensure athletes and sports fans can have confidence in the integrity of sport.” 

“There were two remaining conditions that were part of the WADA roadmap before Russia could be readmitted.  To ensure that we have a robust anti-doping system, our focus needs to be on ensuring that the second, more critical condition of access to the Moscow Laboratory is met.  Receiving the analytical data from the Moscow Lab will allow anti-doping rule violations to be pursued, and justice to be sought for clean athletes. “

Nick Paterson

Chief Executive

Drug Free Sport NZ