Top Four Champs update

Thursday - August 31st 2017

New Zealand Barbarians National 1st XV Championship (Top Four) update

In light of the increased publicity around testing at the National 1st XV Rugby Tournament in Palmerston North in the second weekend of September, we have set out below some background to the process from here.
Please note that we will not be making any further comments to media about this testing. 

A summary of the testing process is explained fully in the education presentations and on the DFSNZ website. To understand the testing process, please view the Doping Control video on the DFSNZ website.
In summary:
- Testing will be conducted by DFSNZ under the Rules of New Zealand Rugby.
- Urine samples will be collected in private, under the supervision of accredited DFSNZ Testing Officials. Players may have a representative (e.g. coach, parent) present during the process.
- Samples will be analysed at the WADA accredited laboratory in Sydney.
- Analysis will focus on a limited range of substances that are taken specifically to enhance performance and are highly unlikely to be under medical prescription. 
- In the rare event that a positive test results from properly administered medication the opportunity to apply for an exemption permitting the medical use is available.
- Should a player test positive without any medical justification the normal results management process and, where applicable, sanction regime will apply.

Athletes will be advised of the results in due course and the results will remain confidential. As with all results management, DFSNZ will not be making any comment post-testing.

In the unlikely event of a positive test the case will be decided by the NZ Rugby Judiciary, and the outcome may be made public at a later date. (Cases can take 2-3 months.)