Testing Programme on hold

Monday - March 30th 2020

Drug Free Sport New Zealand has placed the testing programme on hold, as we all stay home. While we won’t be knocking on your door just yet, please know that we are still working to make sure your competitors are held to the same high standards as Kiwi athletes.

Most other countries around the world are adjusting their anti-doping programmes, and we will continue with our intelligence and investigations work. We are also still monitoring our Athlete Biological Passport programme, which allows us to monitor changes over time. We want to support our fabulous Kiwi athletes through this trying time, and work to make sport clean and fair for you.

The New Zealand Sports Anti-Doping Rules still apply, and WADA has asked that all Registered Testing Pool athletes continue to file and maintain Whereabouts information. So if you’re isolating somewhere else with a different bubble buddy, please keep Whereabouts updated.

We hope you’ll stay well, but we’re also here to help you if you need to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption.

And if you’re at a loose end, our clean sport e-Learning courses are always available.

Thank you for supporting #cleansport