Masters Sprint Canoeist suspended for anti-doping rule violation

Monday - September 30th 2019

The Sports Tribunal has suspended sprint canoeist Lee Marshall for two years after testing positive for androsterone, testosterone and 5βAdiol. Mr Marshall’s suspension is backdated to 16 February 2019. 

Mr Marshall was tested while he was competing at the NZCT 2019 New Zealand and Oceania Canoe Sprint Championships, as a result of a tip-off. This competition is the National and Oceania Championships for the sport of canoe racing.

“We understand that Mr Marshall’s initial intention in taking the testosterone wasn’t to gain an advantage, but unfortunately that was the impact on his clean competitors” said Drug Free Sport NZ’s Testing and Investigations Programme Director Jude Ellis.

“Taking testosterone confers an advantage in sport – this is why it’s on WADA’s Prohibited List.

“Preventing doping not only protects the integrity of competition, or the “spirit of sport”, but also protects the health of our sports people.   

“We’re pleased to see Kiwis demonstrating how much they value clean sport by raising their concerns with us. If you’ve seen something or heard something that has you worried about doping in your sport, then we’re keen to hear from you.” Ms Ellis said.

Canoe Racing New Zealand CEO Tom Ashley commented that “Canoe Racing NZ supports and promotes the drug free sport ethos at all levels of our sport and encourages all competitors to take serious care and to seek advice when choosing supplements and medicines.

“This matter was first brought to the attention of CRNZ and DFSNZ by members of our kayaking community and it’s great to see our clubs and paddlers actively promoting the drug free ethos. This is a great example of a sporting community, NSO and DFSNZ working together towards our shared goal of clean sport.”

Link: Sports Tribunal decision

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