Contamination risks in Chinese Medicine Products

Thursday - October 12th 2017

Contamination risks in Chinese Medicine Products

A recent study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has highlighted the risks of using traditional Chinese medicine products.

For athletes this includes risk of contamination with a prohibited substance, and more importantly, risks to health.

Often considered ‘natural and safe’ this study shows these products to be highly contaminated. 

DFSNZ advises all athletes to be aware of the risks associated with supplement use and to consult their medical support team for advice if considering supplement use.

Products used for pain control or weight loss were found to contain undeclared corticosteroids, diuretics and animal thyroid tissue. 

Concerningly, the most common contaminant was a product removed from sale in many countries due to its association with increased risk of stroke and heart attack.  

Many of these products can be purchased on the internet and may be readily available over the counter to athletes travelling throughout Asia.