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GM Athlete Services shares best practice with anti-doping education leaders

1 Sep 2020

Drug Free Sport New Zealand’s General Manager of Athlete Services, Sian Clancy recently participated in a virtual education summit with her peers in national anti-doping organisations in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany and the United States, as well as a representative of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  The international group were sharing best practice and discussing issues critical to the future of anti-doping education, including customising educational experiences for athletes at various levels of competition (junior, elite, masters, international, etc.).

Part of Sian’s role is to oversee DFSNZ’s curriculum development. Having recently submitted her thesis for a PhD in factors which influence supplement use and doping among young athletes, she is well-placed to ensure that the learning objectives of DFSNZ’s online learning and in-person workshops meet the needs of the audience, and incorporate the best of practitioner knowledge, evidence-based research and survey mechanisms.

“Our goal is to engage with every athlete, and ensure a top-class clean sport education experience for those athletes“ says Sian. “DFSNZ’s education staff are often working with high-school age kids and sports groups to discuss anti-doping and support them to compete clean and make informed choices. This a critical time at which attitudes towards clean sport and sports integrity are formed. International collaboration is key to help make sure that we’re delivering the best possible support for all our Kiwi athletes.”


United States Anti-Doping Agency: Anti-doping education leaders’ discussion summary

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