Education and testing at 2019 National 1st XV Rugby Championships

Tuesday - May 07th 2019

Drug Free Sport NZ's player education and testing programme for the 2019 National 1st XV Rugby Championships will continue in 2019. DFSNZ's goal is to protect clean athletes and promote clean sport. Our approach to the National 1st XV competition is focussed on a strong education component, to support and protect the kids who are competing, and this is reinforced by testing - a key part of any anti-doping regime. 

In other countries there have been instances of doping among school aged athletes. DFSNZ believes that the vast majority of athletes in NZ are clean. We offer athletes, parents, coaches and support personnel the information and support needed to preserve clean sport.

DFSNZ has approached schools to offer Good Clean Sport - Youth workshops. As in previous years, the workshops are available free of charge, and are designed to reinforce the values of clean sport and provide information to help young athletes compete clean and avoid inadvertent doping. 

Our clean sport education programme is reinforced by testing.  DFSNZ's approach to testing athletes who are under the age of 18 is outlined below:

  • We will notify athletes aged under 18 years of their rights and responsibilities regarding the testing process, and will endeavour to do so whilst in the presence of an adult
  • We encourage under-18 athletes to have an adult representative with them throughout the testing process
  • While a representative cannot directly observe the athlete providing his/her urine sample, he/she does have the option to observe the doping control official observing the sample provision
  • The representative will have the opportunity to raise any concerns he/she may have with the testing process and will be asked to sign the Doping Control Form (as well as athlete) to verify the details provided on the form.
  • For younger athletes (under 16) DFSNZ requires parental consent prior to testing.  Where parental consent is not already in place prior to notifying an athlete, we will endeavour to obtain parental consent.  Where parental consent is not given, we will not proceed with the test at that time.
  • Whilst best efforts are made for under 18 athletes, when testing under 16 athletes, DFSNZ requires that an adult be present during notification and throughout the testing process. 

DFSNZ has specific resources for parents, including a Parents' Guide which is available to download. Parents, coaches and support personnel are also very welcome to attend the workshops, and there are also comprehensive e-Learning courses which can be completed at anytime.  For a practical insight into the testing our virtual reality doping control experience can be accessed using a mobile phone.

Please contact us with any questions, to book a workshop, or for more information.  Good luck to all teams!