Education Video series

26 Sep 2018

We're all about protecting and promoting a culture of clean sport.  As part of new education series, we've interviewed 5 fantastic Kiwi athletes who share their stories and experiences of drugs in sport and anti-doping. 

Below is a selection of videos from the series featuring rower Eric Murray, wheelchair rugby player Dan Buckingham, runner Nikki Hamblin, rugby player Rhys Pedersen and cyclist Toby Atkins.  The full series is available on our Facebook page -

Note: If you are viewing from outside New Zealand, please be aware that unfortunately some videos cannot be viewed due to broadcast rights.

Five Kiwi Athletes talk about drugs in sport

Meet our five awesome kiwi athletes who talk about the highs and lows of competing, and share their stories about drugs in sport and anti-doping.

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Part of being an athlete

Two-time Olympic Champion Eric Murray describes how maintaining ethics around anti-doping is an important part of having a career as an athlete.

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Stay true to your values

“Keep strong and true to your values”. Unable to walk after breaking his neck in a scrum, Paralympic Gold medallist Dan Buckingham shares the moments he treasures from his  career with the Wheel Blacks.

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What do you want to represent?

“What do you want to represent?” Olympic and Commonwealth Games runner Nikki Hamblin shares her experiences as an educator for Drug Free Sport New Zealand.

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Rhys: Know the rules

“At the time I rushed into the decision that I made - I should've done my research”. Rugby player Rhys Pedersen looks back on his decision to order Clenbuterol, a prohibited substance, on the internet.

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Who is in control?

“They've put your career in jeopardy and forced it upon you”. Elite road and track cyclist Toby Atkins talks about the day he was confronted by doping in professional sport.

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