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Athletes let down once more by CAS decision on Russia

18 Dec 2020

Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) Chief Executive Nick Paterson says: “We welcome the decision from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) but remain frustrated by the result and disappointed for clean athletes around the world.

“An athlete can get a four-year sanction, but it’s breath-taking that a country receives only two years from the highest court in sport, after a state-sponsored doping system and a brazen attempt to hide the evidence and interfere with an investigation. How can we look our athletes in the eye and say that it is fair?

“It is incongruous that a Russian flag will not be allowed on a uniform, but the full Russian colours are. For this sanction to be meaningful, a neutral athlete at the Olympics and Paralympics should not look like a Russian athlete by any other name”

“The goal of the worldwide anti-doping system is to have clear rules and consequences for breaking those rules. CAS will publish its full decision next week, and we look forward to gaining a better understanding of some of the disappointing aspects of the decision.

“Until then, we feel like the system and its leadership has let athletes down. Nonetheless we hope this might finally draw a line under this saga, and all stakeholders can work together to ensure this situation is not repeated in future.”