Monday - August 01st 2016

Exposure of the Russian doping scandal presented the International Olympic Committee with a defining moment in the fight for integrity in international sport. Unfortunately, when it mattered most, the IOC failed to lead.

We represent 13 national anti-doping agencies (Nados).

Earlier this month, two days after the findings on Russian doping were issued by independent investigator Richard McLaren, we wrote IOC president Thomas Bach with a simple and effective three-step plan for the IOC to protect the integrity of the Rio Olympic Games.

We asked the IOC to:
(1) Suspend and exclude the Russian Olympic Committee from Rio;
(2) As a consequence of that suspension, provisionally deny entry to all Russian athletes nominated by the ROC to participate in Rio; and
(3) Mandate the existing joint World Anti-Doping Agency-IOC pre-Games testing taskforce to apply a uniform set of criteria to determine whether individual Russian athletes should be permitted to participate in the Rio Olympic Games under a neutral flag.

To read more of the Op-Ed printed in The Guardian, click here

The Op-ed has been written and endorsed by the heads of 13 National Anti-Doping Organisations around the world: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and US