Monday - October 31st 2016

The overwhelming success of Drug Free Sport NZ’s (DFSNZ) clean sport education e-learning programme has led to the creation of two more e-learning initiatives.

Fresh off the plane from Melbourne after collecting two international awards for the Level One e-learning programme and Learning Management System, DFSNZ Education Manager Sian Clancy says being able to access clean sport education anytime, anywhere has proven invaluable.
“Every athlete or athlete support person with a mobile device or computer can access our clean sport information and we are delighted with the amount of people who have completed the programme since we launched in April,” she says.

DFSNZ is tasked with helping athletes understand the importance of clean sport, educate them about their rights and responsibilities, as well as carrying out a comprehensive testing and investigations programme.  

“The awards have given us confidence to produce two more online education tools; Level Two for those who have been through DFSNZ education seminars or completed the Level One programme a few times, and our Coaches module specifically designed to inform coaches of their rights and responsibilities while also providing practical suggestions for creating clean sporting environments for their athletes.”

Ms Clancy says the DFSNZ Level Two and Coaches e-Learning programmes are months in the making and involve excellent collaboration with Kineo Pacific. 

“They are designed to reach all sportspeople from all codes and we are currently planning new video content to be included in the new e-learning programmes. We’re aiming to have the two new programmes completed by January and we hope the New Zealand sporting community will get behind it and encourage all of their members to complete the courses,” Ms Clancy says.