Wednesday - September 14th 2016

Drug Free Sport NZ Strategy Discussion Document

The issue of drugs in sport has hit the headlines in 2016 as never before and what is abundantly clear is that doping remains a serious threat to sport. What has been revealed will appal most people and especially those in the sporting community. 

We can be proud that New Zealand athletes, almost without exception, have chosen to compete clean.
However, if we are to continue to say that with confidence, we must ensure our programmes evolve and respond to the changing environment.

To move forward we need to be certain that we have the backing and support of the New Zealand sporting community.
Please read the document and take a few minutes to give us your feedback. You will also receive a digital version of this document for wider circulation within your organisation (or it can be downloaded from 
We are hoping your feedback will confirm that we are on the right track or, where necessary, give us clear guidance as to preferred alternatives.