Drug Free Sport NZ supports iNADO Response to the IOC Declaration of March 16, 2017

Tuesday - March 28th 2017

iNADO Board of Directors’ Response to International Olympic Committee (IOC) Declaration of March 16, 2017 

The aftermath of the Russian doping scandal has presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reform and strengthen global anti-doping governance. And while it is fair to say that not every anti-doping stakeholder agrees on a best path forward, National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) around the world welcome the ongoing discussion.

Diverse stakeholder input is necessary to create and sustain an environment where every athlete can have confidence in their opportunity to compete clean and win. 

However, with the PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games now less than 11 months away, the moment for meaningful reform is fading fast. It is with that sense of urgency in mind that the iNADO Board of Directors is compelled to respond to the International Olympic Committee’s March 16, 2017 “12 Point Declaration” of its Executive Board.

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