Major events information

As the national anti-doping organisation Drug Free Sport NZ is keen to assist National and International Federations with anti-doping programmes at major events being held in New Zealand.

DFSNZ aims to take a comprehensive approach to anti-doping so that all contingencies are considered and addressed. This means not only collecting samples at major events, but also conducting pre-event testing and investigating any evidence that doping may have occurred.

To facilitate this approach, it's essential that DFSNZ is notified as early as possible about major events and requests for anti-doping services. Where testing at, or around, an event may align with DFSNZ's own priorities it may be possible that some assistance with the overall cost of testing is available.

More commonly however, DFSNZ will provide assistance at cost price and will provide a budget as early as possible to assist with planning.

Contact us to let us know about your major events for the coming year or to request sample collection at an event.