Hayfever / sinusitis medications

Athletes who suffer from hayfever or sinusitis need to make sure that the medication they take is permitted in sport.  Check the status of common medications below and apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption if your medication is prohibited in sport.


Permitted in sport Prohibited in competition


  • Lortab
  • Loraclear
  • Claratyne
  • Claramax
  • Phenergan
  • Polaramine
  • Razene
  • Telfast
  • Zadine
  • Zytec                                                                                                            


(Only ever take the recommended dose and stop taking this medication at least 24-hours before competition)

Nasal sprays:

  • Flixonase
  • Alanase
  • Deconase
  • Drixine
  • Otrivin

Oral and injected glucocorticoids, such as:

  • Prednisone
  • Kenacort
  • Dexamethasone