Clean sporting success

Winning athletes are those who train hard, strive to be the best, harness their natural talent, overcome adversity, and compete clean.   

On these pages, you’ll find more information about what clean sporting success looks like and tips on how to compete as a clean athlete.

Our top tips for staying clean are:

  • respect your body– don’t take anything which could be harmful to your health
  • understand that you are responsible for everything you eat, drink, swallow or inject
  • learn about the importance of checking medications before you take them
  • recognise that taking nutritional supplements, including herbal remedies or vitamins, may be risky
  • find out about the anti-doping rules and how they apply to your sport
  • respect your competitors and the spirit of sport
  • ask for help if you are unsure about anything.

A good motto to follow throughout your sporting career is to check everything that goes into your body before you take it – food, energy drinks, sports drinks, protein shakes, vitamins, supplements, vaccinations, and medications.  

Remember also that the anti-doping rules don’t just apply to performance enhancing drugs - recreational drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine are also banned in sport.  

Don’t take anything for granted – it’s your body and your responsibility to keep it drug free.  You will be accountable if a banned substance is found in your system.   

If you need help or advice on competing drug free, contact Drug Free Sport NZ.