Advice on supplements

There are many dietary supplements available, and you may be tempted to take them.

Supplements include:

  • protein shakes
  • vitamins
  • energy drinks
  • herbal remedies
  • meal replacements
  • products which claim to assist weight loss, muscle development or provide energy during workouts.

Drug Free Sport NZ advises you to be wary of taking supplements.  You should carefully examine whether you really need them or whether your nutritional needs could be met through changes to your diet.

Taking supplements could be risky because they may contain substances which are prohibited in sport. Many supplements do not have adequate quality control nor do they label ingredients correctly so you cannot be sure of exactly what's in them.

Be careful about products which market themselves as aiding in weight loss, building muscle or providing energy because these are more likely to contain banned substances.  

If you want help to improve your diet for fitness, strength and endurance, we recommend you see a qualified nutritionist, dietician or sports doctor first.  

You might also like to check out this document, Nutrition for Athletes put together by the Olympic Committee’s Medical Commission.  It contains some helpful tips on diet for those who are training and competing in top level sport.

Drug Free Sport NZ cannot guarantee the safety of any supplement, but we can give you an assessment of the risks associated with certain products.  You can log a query about a supplement here.