Travelling athletes

If you’re travelling overseas and require medication for an ongoing condition, we recommend that you plan ahead and take enough medication to last for the period you’re away.

Some medications you buy overseas have the same brand name as those in New Zealand, but contain different and possibly prohibited ingredients.

You should be extremely careful when purchasing any medication overseas and always inform a doctor or pharmacist that you’re an athlete who could be drug tested.

Some key things to remember when you’re travelling are:

  • the same product name does not necessarily equal the  same ingredients
  • always read the label and check the status of the medication before you purchase
  • some traditional herbal medicines are very high risk and can contain substances that will cause you to fail a doping control test
  • talk to your team doctor or medical officer before you purchase medications overseas.

If you’re overseas, you can check the status of medications in several ways:

You should also be wary purchasing supplements overseas.  Supplements may have the same brand name as in New Zealand, but could contain different, and possibly prohibited, substances.