The anti-doping rules

New Zealand’s Sports Anti-Doping Rules reflect those of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and its World Anti-Doping Code.  WADA’s Code and Standards are recognised throughout the world.

Most International Federations, sporting organisations in New Zealand, and international anti-doping agencies are signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code so must abide by and enforce these rules.

There are ten key anti-doping rule violations.  These apply to athletes, but can also apply to coaches and support personnel, including medical professionals. 

We’ve summarised the rules below.

You should not:

  • test positive for a prohibited substance
  • use or attempt to use a prohibited substance or method
  • evade testing or refuse to provide a sample for drug testing
  • fail on three occasions within twelve months to provide whereabouts information or miss a test
  • tamper or attempt to tamper with any part of the doping control process
  • possess prohibited substances or methods
  • traffick or attempt to traffick a prohibited substance or method
  • administer a prohibited substance or method
  • cover up an anti-doping rule violation
  • associate with someone, such as a coach or medical professional, who has been found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation or equivalent.

You can read the full text of New Zealand’s 2020 Sports Anti-Doping Rules here.