Criteria for the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) or National Testing Pool (NTP)

The decision by DFSNZ to include you in the RTP or NTP is based on a number of factors. Being in one of these testing pools requires you to provide information so we can find you for testing - a system called Whereabouts. You don’t have to be on Whereabouts to be tested anytime (including at home). 

Our main aim is to support clean athletes, so wherever possible we will start athletes out on the National Testing Pool (NTP) before the Registered Testing Pool (RTP).  This is because the whereabouts requirements for RTP athlete are more onerous (than NTP athletes) and the consequences of failing to comply are more severe.  We want athletes to have a chance to get used to doing their whereabouts with minimal risk.   

If we can easily find you for testing, we’d rather not put you on the Whereabouts system. However, some athletes in particular have to go on the testing pool as they are winning medals!

Our general criteria for putting you on Whereabouts is based on the following:

  • Your current performance level and results. (eg are you an Olympic medal contender?)
  • The physical demands of your sport and the possible performance-enhancing effect of doping within your sport.
  • How easy it is to locate you for testing. (If we can find you easily, we don’t need you to provide whereabouts).
  • Previous results of testing
  • Intelligence DFSNZ has received
  • Returning from injury
  • Sudden improvements in performance (eg have you come out of nowhere to be winning on the international stage?)
  • Age and stage of your career (e.g. are you nearing retirement and seeking to qualify for one more Olympics?)

More information can be found in our Whereabouts FAQs.