A parent's part in clean sport

A parent's role in clean sport is essential.

As a parent, you have a key role in helping your child develop the values and principles that are essential to a culture of clean sport.  

When your child is young and just starting off in sport, doping is unlikely to be a major concern, but as a parent you can reinforce the values of clean sport, including:

  • following the rules
  • playing fairly
  • recognising the value of hard-work and determination rather than cheating.

As your child continues to develop in sport and especially as they begin to compete at a higher level, either nationally or internationally, they are more likely to be drug tested.  It’s at this stage that you should take the time to speak to your child about doping and what it means to be a clean competitor.

Check out our tips on these pages for helping your child to compete clean and reject the temptation of performance enhancing drugs or methods.

You should also watch this thought provoking video message from reformed doper and one-time Tour de France cyclist, Tyler Hamilton, who talks about the role parents can play in helping their children to compete clean.