A medical professional's part in clean sport

As a medical professional, whether it be a GP, emergency doctor, specialist, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist or physiotherapist, you have a key role in assisting athletes to abide by the sports anti-doping rules.

Many medications contain substances that are prohibited in sport.   If you are treating an athlete who could be drug tested then you need to be aware of medications which may be prohibited and what you can do to help an athlete to comply with the rules.

Athletes may have some knowledge about what’s prohibited, but they will frequently rely on medical professionals to guide them in this process.   This means it’s vital that you take extra care when prescribing medication to an athlete.  

If an athlete tests positive for a prohibited substance, whether they intend to cheat or not, they could face a ban from all sport, potentially leading to the end of their career and damaging their reputation.

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