Athlete support personnel and their part in clean sport

If you support an athlete in any way, as a manager or a trainer, then you have a key role to play in helping that athlete compete clean and reject the use of performance enhancing drugs and methods.

You will be there when athletes experience vulnerable periods: when they move to the next level of competition, when they are training for a major competition, or when they are recovering from injury etc.

Your attitude to anti-doping can help an athlete to develop the strength and resilience to cope with the pressure that comes with high performance sport.

Here are our top tips on what athlete support personnel can do to help athletes compete clean:

If you manage a team (especially a team that is competing at or near the national level) then make it  your responsibility to ensure that all team members receive anti-doping education and are prepared for drug testing if and when it occurs. 

DFNSZ can help you in your role by providing:

For some more tips on what it takes for athletes to compete clean, check out this video message from reformed doper and one-time Tour de France cyclist, Tyler Hamilton.